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SawStop – Safest Table Saw in Ottawa, Canada

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, when you work with table saws you put yourself at risk of serious injury. In fact, as many as 160 people will experience a severe injury today and Ottawa Fastener Supply does not want you to be one of them. We are your Ottawa supplier for SawStop, Canada’s safest table saw.

Unique SawStop Technology is a Game-Changer for Table Saws in Ottawa

SawStop table saws are equipped with a unique, three-step safety braking system that removes the risk of serious injury when you are operating the saw. In fact, the braking system engages in mere milliseconds, meaning you may get a nick in your glove and a scratch, but you will not face permanent damage that can be a life-altering experience. Here is how SawStop is changing how table saws operate in Ottawa:

1. Monitoring and Detection

SawStop saw blades carry a light  electrical signal that is changed if ANYTHING conductive comes into contact. Your skin’s ability to conduct electricity is what activates the safety mechanism.

2. Putting on the Brakes

In under five milliseconds, an aluminum brake activates and stops the blade immediately, driving under the table’s surface while shutting down the motor. All risk is removed at this point.

3. Quick and Easy Reset

Once you realize you are okay and can get back to work, you can reset your saw in under five minutes. Replace your blade for the brake and you are ready to work!

Faster than you can realize you are in danger, your SawStop table saw puts the brakes on the potential for severe injury.

Your Safety does not Compromise Excellent Quality and Precision

SawStop table saws offer incomparable quality, precision and top-notch engineering while preventing life-altering injuries. Stop in and see the amazing quality for yourself or contact us to learn more from the Ottawa Fastener Supply qualified customer service team.

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