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A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Fasteners for Construction Projects

Construction projects must be completed to the highest of safety standards. And this means that each component selected for the job must be carefully considered alongside advice from trusted specialists in the construction field. With over two decades’ behind us serving Ottawa with high quality construction equipment, our team here at Ottawa Fastener Supply understands the challenges construction teams face. In this post, we’ll review how to select fasteners for some of the most popular home and business construction projects.

Deck Work

When integrating a new deck with the home, construction teams and DIY’s must consider the underlying structure. Most decks are subject to extreme pressure such as seasonal contraction and expansion and these stresses must be considered when choosing the right fasteners for the job. The support area of the deck must be bolted together with high-grade nuts and bolts while deck planking and railings should be assembled using the proper deck screws for the material.

Shelving Installations

In completing shelving installation around their home, property owners must consider the aesthetic appeal of the final result, as well as its overall structural security. And so to minimize the appearance of fasteners, homeowners might wish to use steel dowels or rods. To help support the structural security within non-visible areas of the shelving unit, screws and anchors can be used.

Drywall Installation

Adding drywall to a property can improve its structural security and allow design teams to bring new elements into the home. But many home construction teams struggle to select the right fasteners for drywall projects. When wooden studs are used behind the drywall, common, coarse thread, drywall screws are used. However, there are specially designed drywall screws that can be utilized seamlessly with most projects. The type of substrate and stud determine the selection of fastener for each project.

How to Determine the Best Fastener for Each Project

While there are many types of fasteners that are be suitable for construction projects, it’s important for project stakeholders to complete their research before they work with a certain kind of product. Making a mistake during this process can weaken the structural security of construction work. This means teams must contact trusted product specialists directly to determine both the size and the style of the fastener they require. When speaking with a specialist, consider the following questions:
• What is the most durable and recommended fastener for my particular project?
• Which is the easiest to use fastener?
• Does the fastener have any special installation requirements?
By understanding the various market options, construction teams and those completing home DIY projects can make the right choice for optimal project results. To learn more on the fastener marketplace, visit our store or speak with our team directly at (613) 828-4117.

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