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3 Things to Consider when Working with Stainless Steel Fasteners

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Why is it important to select the right grade of stainless steel fasteners for my project?  Choosing the correct grade of stainless steel fasteners is crucial because different grades offer varying levels of corrosion resistance. For projects exposed to corrosive elements, like those near the ocean, the 316 grade, known as marine grade, is recommended

Announcing the 14th Annual April Tools Day in Ottawa

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April Tools Day in Ottawa

April 25-27 at The Tool & Equipment Store – No Tax!  Ottawa (April 15, 2019) – Industry leader, Ottawa Fastener Supply is proud to announce its 14th annual April Tools Day Event coming to their Tool & Equipment Store on April 25, 2019. The amazing 3-day event takes place in a 10,000 square foot space packed with the highest

5 Types of Fastening you Need to Have in your DIY Tool Kit

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Whether you are building, renovating or repairing, at some point in your DIY career you will need to join materials. With countless types of fasteners available, it may be difficult to understand the differences between them and which styles are best for the project you are working on. This handy guide of fastener types you

The Tool and Equipment Store’s April Tools Day Event 2018 an exclusive

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Ottawa, Ontario: The Tool and Equipment Store in Nepean is presenting its 13th annual April Tools Day Event from April 26 to 28 with promotions and activities for both contractors and do-it-yourselves. Tool and equipment vendors will be on-site, prizes are to be won, The Tool and Equipment Store will pay the tax and CHEZ

Rust-Oleum at Ottawa Fastener Supply

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Look To Coatings Experts to Provide Protection Don’t just look at painting or coatings as just a way to add colour to your project, think of it as a protective barrier that can extend the life of whatever you’re covering. So when you have a project, look to Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands to provide a solution.

Three Steps to Ripping Logs Using an Alaskan® Mill by Granberg International

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Alaskan Mills by Granberg International provide builders, outdoors people and crafts persons the ability to turn logs into specialty wood products using a simple setup and a chainsaw. Whether you are on site milling beams for cabin in a remote area or harvesting wood for specialty craft projects, your mill and chainsaw make a powerful

The Importance of Safety Supply in Ottawa

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Whether you are an Ottawa homeowner or you work in an industrial or trade position, your health and well-being depend on the right safety supply and equipment. Would it surprise you to learn that despite strict regulations in workplaces, more than 80-percent of people on job sites neglect their personal protective equipment (PPE) and more

Why you NEED an Air Compressor from The Tool and Equipment Store

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Your tool and equipment store team from Ottawa Fastener Supply is always looking out for your best interests and helping you learn more about our wide variety of products. When we can build a strong case to help you add to your power tool or wood working tool collection, we go all in! Here are

Due to worldwide shortage of N95 masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Ottawa Fastener cannot promise delivery ETA’s for these products and will NOT be holding products for customers. If products do become available, it will be on a first come, first served basis. Please call 613 828 5311 or email if you are looking for these products.

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