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Why you NEED an Air Compressor from The Tool and Equipment Store

Your tool and equipment store team from Ottawa Fastener Supply is always looking out for your best interests and helping you learn more about our wide variety of products. When we can build a strong case to help you add to your power tool or wood working tool collection, we go all in! Here are several non-traditional reasons you need an air compressor!

  • Toss your old broom or filthy shop vacuum that you use for cleanup. Your new air compressor will blast away dust and dirt you didn’t even know you had. Not only will your workspace be cleaner than ever before, you’ll have more free time for other things.
  • Loosen difficult items with the power of air. Air can be pretty powerful and if you direct the nozzle properly, you can easily remove handle grips from bicycles, stubborn paint chips and even loosen tiles.
  • Winterizing RVs, hot tubs and other equipment with water lines can get costly if you have to hire someone to perform the service. Use your air compressor from the Tool & Equipment Store in Ottawa to blow out your water lines to protect them from the cold winter temperatures.
  • The ultimate backyard barbeque aid. Charcoal can take forever to catch properly and turn into those highly desired red coals. Without putting too much pressure on so you blast your charcoal out of the barbeque, direct your nozzle to a hotspot and keep steady air flowing. Beats trying to blow on it or fan it!
  • Inflate just about anything. From beach toys to bicycle flats to car tires that suddenly lose air, you can use your air compressor from the tool and equipment store to pump up just about anything that needs air.
  • If you are into woodworking hobbies, home renovations or even upholstery, your compressor can become a powerful nailer or stapler. In fact, there are many pneumatic tools available for a wide range of duties that can really put your compressor to work.


If none of these reasons helps you feel the expense is justified, just think of the money you will save on power tools! Air tools are generally lower-cost than tools that have their own power sources and there is a wide variety of attachments available at Ottawa Fastener Supply to help you get most jobs done faster and easier.

As you can see, there is a lot an air compressor from your tool and equipment store, Ottawa Fastener Supply, can add to your life. How have you lived without one this long? Stop in today or contact us to learn about our selection!

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