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In accordance with Ontario Health & Safety Protocols, OFS is no longer requiring customers to wear Masks in our store. Curbside pick up still available.

The Importance of Safety Supply in Ottawa

Whether you are an Ottawa homeowner or you work in an industrial or trade position, your health and well-being depend on the right safety supply and equipment. Would it surprise you to learn that despite strict regulations in workplaces, more than 80-percent of people on job sites neglect their personal protective equipment (PPE) and more than 90-percent of homeowners do not use the appropriate equipment? Most serious injuries that occur in the workplace and at home can be minimized, or eliminated if the proper safety supply is on hand.

Eye Injuries the Most Common of all Injuries Due to Lack of Safety Equipment

Despite how lightweight and easy to wear preventative eyewear is today, four out of every five people treated for eye injuries were found not to be using any protection. Further, upwards of 98-percent of all injuries would be prevented by using eye protection and ensuring it is the right type for the task being done. Thousands of people are blinded each year because they didn’t think eye protection was a necessary safety supply.

Hearing Loss is 100% Preventable

Occupational hearing loss is next on the list of completely preventable injuries if the right safety equipment is used. This is not just an issue in the workplace; it’s also affecting weekend warriors who are using bigger and better power tools for their projects, yet failing to don hearing protection. Since hearing loss happens gradually unless there’s a traumatic event, most people do not realize the extent of the damage until it’s too late.

How your Ottawa Safety Supply Store Can Help

The most common reason given for not wearing PPE when on the job or working on home projects is that it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. Your safety pros of Ottawa Fastener Supply can help you choose the right safety gear to suit your needs and ensure it fits properly and doesn’t interfere with movement or sight. Although we only talked about two of the most common preventable injuries today, we carry everything you need in safety supply to ensure the best protection. Stop in to see us or view our catalogue to see the wide range of safety products available.

Due to worldwide shortage of N95 masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Ottawa Fastener cannot promise delivery ETA’s for these products and will NOT be holding products for customers. If products do become available, it will be on a first come, first served basis. Please call 613 828 5311 or email if you are looking for these products.

Thank you.