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Three Steps to Ripping Logs Using an Alaskan® Mill by Granberg International

Alaskan Mills by Granberg International provide builders, outdoors people and crafts persons the ability to turn logs into specialty wood products using a simple setup and a chainsaw. Whether you are on site milling beams for cabin in a remote area or harvesting wood for specialty craft projects, your mill and chainsaw make a powerful team that offers plenty of versatility. In just three steps, you will be ripping logs like a professional.

Setting Up the Alaskan Mill

Since logs are uneven, the first step to setting up your Alaskan Mill is to assemble the EZ-rail guide. The rails are used to create an even surface for the mill to ride along so you get an accurate first cut despite the unevenness of the log’s surface. To ensure you get the most out of your log, it is critical to take the time to mount your slab rails perfectly, so use a level when attaching the Ez-rail to your log. Run the mill along the rails to rip the first layer and set the basis for the rest of your lumber.

Performing the Second Cut

Now that you have created a flat surface for the mill, you have to determine whether your second cut will be from the top or the bottom of your log. When creating lumber or beams, the second cut should be from the bottom of log that has not been evened out yet at this point. If you are milling partially finished lumber, determine the required thickness and rip from the top.

Creating Finished Lumber with the Saw Mill

If your objective is to create finished lumber with your Alaskan Mill, you will have to cut a third, flat surface. Turn the log 90 degrees and reattach your slab rails using a carpenter’s square to ensure you have right angles on the sides. Perform the rip to create the third cut side, resulting in three flat surfaces. The remaining log can be cut into boards.

While there are additional steps and more sophisticated setups required for various finished products, these three steps are all it takes to begin milling your own lumber using an Alaskan Mill by Granberg International and your chain saw. Ottawa Fastener Supply invites you to stop in to view the new milling equipment and ripping chains we now carry.

Optional: Video showing setup of Alaskan Mill and EZ-Rail

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