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In accordance with Ontario Health & Safety Protocols, OFS is no longer requiring customers to wear Masks in our store. Curbside pick up still available.

For Roofing Contractors and DIY Homeowners in Ottawa Safety Supply Items Can Save Lives

Safety should be the number one priority for both contractors and homeowners alike. Maintaining high levels of safety includes using the correct types of personal protective equipment (PPE). Here at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we take safety seriously, and are proud to be a leading Ottawa safety supply provider.

Why is Personal Protective Equipment Necessary?

Construction sites are often riddled with unavoidable hazards, particularly when work involves building, repairing, or replacing roofing. While it is ideal for hazards to be avoided through mindful planning, personal protective equipment should be worn to reduce the risks of personal injury. As always, it’s important to note that PPE does not completely remove the risk of injury, it does however, provide protection that can reduce the severity of injury.

Roofing jobs, for example, often expose workers to a variety of hazards. These hazards can include:

  • Head and neck injury from falling/moving debris.
  • Foot, ankle, and toe injury from falling objects.
  • Injuries to the hands and fingers from falling or sharp objects.
  • Eye injury from flying debris.
  • Injury or death associated with falls.
  • Exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Types of Recommended PPE for Roofing Jobs

While most contractors are required to have a PPE program in place to remain compliant with Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) regulations, homeowners currently do not. However, it is highly advisable for homeowners attempting to repair their home’s roof to ensure their own safety through the use of proper protective equipment. This includes:

  • Hard Hats
  • High Quality Gloves
  • Steel Toed Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Plugs – if using loud equipment
  • Fall Protection

According to CCOHS, falls are the leading cause death on construction sites, making fall protection vital for the safety of workers and homeowners. Here at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we are proud to offer our customers in Ottawa safety supply items to meet every workplace hazard, including fall protection. In fact, we currently have a complete roofers kit that ensures code compliance. This kit includes:

  • Full Body Harness
  • Lanyard with shock-absorbing panic rope grab and anchor
  • Lifeline
  • Reusable Roof Bracket
  • 4 gal. Waterproof pail or breathable mesh bag for storage

Purchasing the complete kit is less expensive overall than it would be to buy each item individually. The kit helps extend the life of your PPE by keeping it out of the sun, snow, rain, and dirt.

To learn more about PPE in Ottawa, safety supply items, including the roofers kit, or other options, please contact the experienced staff at Ottawa Fastener Supply.

Due to worldwide shortage of N95 masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Ottawa Fastener cannot promise delivery ETA’s for these products and will NOT be holding products for customers. If products do become available, it will be on a first come, first served basis. Please call 613 828 5311 or email if you are looking for these products.

Thank you.