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Leaf-Blowing is a Breeze with the DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Blower Kit!

While the fall is beautiful in Ottawa, for homeowners it also means an abundance of leaves that must be cleaned up to keep your yard looking great and your gutters free. With manual tools, you’ll no doubt have an aching back before you’re done and corded or gas-powered leaf blowers can be cumbersome. Enter the DeWalt 20V Max cordless blower kit from Ottawa Fastener Supply! We think you’ll agree that this feature-packed kit makes leaf-blowing a breeze!

Quiet but Powerful

DeWalt has incorporated an axial fan design to give you maximum blowing power and run time. Imagine how fast you can clean up your yard with a blower that blasts up to 400 CFM at 90 miles per hour! Despite packing a powerful punch, the blower is rated at only 91 dB(A), which your neighbours will appreciate. At this decibel rating, you’re safe to operate the blower kit even in noise-sensitive areas of neighbourhoods.

Brushless Motor Technology

With brushless motor technology, you don’t experience friction or voltage drag like you do with many other cordless leaf blowers. The brushless system replaces brushes and a commutator with an electronic circuit board which means fewer wear parts in your motor and more intelligent operation. The more intelligent operation means your battery power is used more efficiently!

Features that Count

DeWalt doesn’t stop at more powerful, longer lasting motors and batteries when they design tools like the 20V Max cordless blower kit. There are plenty of added features designed to make your work easier, more comfortable and yes, even a little more fun!

  • Lightweight (7.1 lbs), ergonomic design for comfort
  • Trigger action for easy speed changes
  • Trigger lock when you need to maintain a set speed
  • 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery with charger

Stop in to visit or contact Ottawa Fastener Supply to see DeWalt’s 20V Max Cordless blower kit. We think you’ll be blown away!

Check out DeWalt’s Outdoor Power Tool video including some great action shots on the DeWalt’s 20V Max Cordless blower kit


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