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The Tool & Equipment Store Experts Highlight the Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Layout System from Stabila

Here at Ottawa Fastener Supply, your local tool & equipment store, we’re committed to reviewing the marketplace in search of the latest advancements in technology for our industry. Our attention has been drawn to the Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Self Leveling Rotation Laser Layout System from Stabila and we thought we’d take his opportunity to highlight this product’s multiple advantages.

Complete Keypad Control

A leading advantage of this Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Layout System from Stabila is that all scanning functions can be controlled from the keypad or with the included remote control. This gives operators a full range of functions to ensure accurate measurements for all their projects.

Dust/Water Proof Functionality

The Fully Automatic laser system from Stabila has been designed for optimal durability. The product is completely dust and waterproof, which means it delivers optimal performance even in the most challenging work environments.

Extreme Shock Resistance

A leading advantage of Stabila’s Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Layout System is its shock resistance housing. It can handle the toughest work environments while maintaining top-level accuracy and high efficiency performance.

Compatible with the Latest Receivers

The Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Layout System is compatible with receivers such as the premium De-TECH. These receivers help streamline the workload by providing fast, accurate measurements within a highly durable system, and include ergonomic designs such as front & back screens.
It’s the type of innovation that could significantly enhance the speed and results of any professional construction project across Canada and our Pro-Talk team at The Tool & Equipment Store give it two thumbs up! To learn more on Stabila’s Fully Automatic Interior/Exterior Laser Layout System, speak with our trusted equipment experts directly at (613) 828-4117, or at The Tool & Equipment Store, 2205 Robertson Rd, Ottawa, ON.

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