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Your Ottawa Hardware Store Guide to Lawn Care Equipment

Over the course of an Ottawa summer, you will spend many hours working on your lawn and landscaping to keep your property looking its best. Using the right equipment for the jobs you want to tackle will help make your work easier and reduce the risk of injury. As your trusted hardware store in Ottawa, we have put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect lawn care equipment so you can enjoy a beautiful yard this summer.

Accomplish more with Lawn Tractors

While our lawn tractors are excellent for making quick work of mowing your lawn, their heavy-duty muscle makes them suitable to accomplish much more. These workhorses can handle heavy attachments that are available at your hardware store in Ottawa or by special order to get almost any job on your property done with ease.

Chainsaws for Heavily Treed Lots

If your landscaping includes mature trees, a chainsaw will be an invaluable tool to have in your lawn care arsenal. With a chainsaw, you can cut large branches that are in a position to damage your home and prune limbs to keep your trees healthy and symmetrical. You will also be glad for a chainsaw in the event of fallen trees or large branches due to a powerful storm.

Tame the Wild with Brushcutters

For Ottawa homeowners with brush, tough grass and small bushes, a brushcutter is a sound investment that will save you time and effort when cleaning up your yard. With ergonomic designs and harnesses designed to evenly distribute the weight and improve balance, your body will undergo less strain when doing this difficult work.

Landscape Trimmers

Your mower may not be able to cut grass that is along fence lines, around the perimeter of landscaping architecture or other structures. A good trimmer will let you get all these areas so your yard looks professionally maintained.

Ottawa Fastener Supply is your trusted hardware store in Ottawa for the perfect lawn mower. With brands you can count on like Husqvarna, Toro and Makita, we will set you up so you can make the most of your summer! Stop in to see our selection or contact us to learn more.

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