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Must-Have Outdoor Summer Tools

4 Must-Have Outdoor Summer Tools for Your Ottawa Property

As an Ottawa homeowner, yard care and general maintenance around your property is either something you enjoy, or a necessary evil. With these four must-have items from your Tool & Equipment Store, even the most reluctant will look forward to working outside and the more enthusiastic will love the incredible results they achieve with power tools designed for picture-perfect properties.

Pressure Washers

Dirt, grime and peeling paint are no match for quality pressure washers. With cold or hot washers in a variety of sizes and strengths, the BOSCH and BE Pressure lines offer excellent value as a tool in your arsenal for Ottawa yard care. Blast away pollen and dirt from vinyl siding, and built-up grime from paver stones or concrete patios and even put a shine on your vehicle. With ease-of-use and power to cut through the toughest of jobs, a pressure washer will make quick work of your cleaning tasks, leaving you more time to tackle other projects or kick back and relax in your newly-cleaned yard.

Quality Mowers from Husqvarna

Nothing shows pride of ownership better than a well-manicured lawn. Husqvarna’s line of lawn mowers make it easy to maintain your lawn, even when it feels like you just finished cutting and the grass seems to have grown while you were putting your equipment away. Great weather is synonymous with lawn cutting and if you have the right mower for your property, you might actually enjoy being out there taking care of your yard. Some of the options are:

  • Walk and push mowers for small to medium-sized lawns powered by fuel or with access to an outdoor power source.
  • Cordless push mowers with two batteries and a charger so you don’t have to worry about fuel or tripping over a power cord.
  • Lawn and garden tractors for larger properties or the less enthusiastic who want to put some fun into grass cutting.

Having the right mower for your lawn care needs will not just boost your Ottawa home’s curb appeal, it’ll help you achieve a great look with a lot less effort than with worn or under-powered equipment.

Trimmers and Brush Cutters

As long as you’re going to clean up your yard and mow your way to a luscious green lawn, don’t overlook the benefits of getting yourself trimmers or brush cutters to make quick work of ragged edges or overgrown hedges and brush. This detail work doesn’t have to be a cumbersome chore when you have the power of Husqvarna working for you! With models ranging from the basic to ergonomically-designed to take pressure off your lower back, your OFS team can help you select a model that suits your needs perfectly.


Why spend hours raking when you can blast away grass clippings, leaves and other small debris from your walkways and driveway? With enough power to clear up to 15 feet and up to 30-percent less noise than its gas-powered counterpart, a Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ blower along with the rest of the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Outdoor Equipment series, is the finishing tool for your Ottawa property that you can’t live without.

Take Pride and Have Fun while Maintaining Your Ottawa Property

With this selection of four must-have outdoor summer tools for your Ottawa property, you’ll be basking in the sunshine faster than ever before in a yard that boasts pride of ownership. Even better, you might even have some fun getting the job done! Stop in to Ottawa Fastener Supply today and let our team help you get started today!