Expert Tips to Choose the Right Generator in Ottawa
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How to choose the right generator to suit your needs in Ottawa

How to Choose the Right Generator to Suit Your Needs in Ottawa?

When buying a generator, you have a wide choice of top brands from industry leading manufacturers. They come at different price points and have a variety of features and functions. It helps to know you are getting the best one for your unique needs. For example, recreational use at a campsite will be much different than trying to keep your frozen foods cold during an extended power outage. A construction crew has a distinct set of requirements and may need multiple generators working simultaneously. If you have space limitations, a reliable generator for critical loads in a compact size may be essential. Once you know the factors to consider, you will be better equipped to find the best power generators in Ottawa to suit your needs.  At Ottawa Fastener Supply, we have high performance generators from BE Power Equipment and King Canada, among other top brand names. 

The Right-Sized Generator for Home Emergencies, Outdoor Recreation Time, or the Job Site 

Knowing what size generator you need starts with some basic questions and considerations:  

1. The types of appliances to be run. What types of appliances do you want to operate even when the power goes out? For example, the refrigerator may be the first to come to mind. You may also want to charge phones, flashlights, or emergency radios. Some campers enjoy having a generator to run electronics while out in the woods. Contractors need to run drills, jigsaws, and other power tools. 

2. What wattage do the appliances require? After determining what machines or tools need power, you need to know the wattage each requires to start and run. These two ideas are different. The run wattage refers to how much energy is necessary to keep the item on. The start wattage is how many watts the item requires to start up. Every time your refrigerator’s compressor kicks in, it takes more power. The best source for this information will be your owner’s manual or the item itself.  

3. Add all the wattage amounts and margin in a little extra. You don’t need to go overboard buying the largest generator available. It would help if you had enough to cover the wattage required to start up and run your chosen appliances or tools and add a little more. This extra space helps curtail the potential overloading of the circuits in your home or commercial space. For instance, during emergencies, you may want to run your refrigerator, a lamp, a fan, and a radio. Ideally, you don’t want to push your generator over 80% of its maximum output. Here is how it may break down: 

  • Refrigerator – 500W to run, 1000W to start 
  • Lamp – 100W to run, 100W to start 
  • Fan – 200W to run, 400W to start 
  • Radio – 50W to run, 100W to start 

When you add them up, you need approximately 2,450 watts of power, minimum. 

4. Shop for a quality generator. These powerhouses come in different styles and capabilities and run on gasoline or diesel fuel. The most common types include portable, inverter, and whole house. A portable or mid-sized inverter like the BE2100I may be the best solution if you need something for the RV. The KCG-12000GE, a 12,000-watt gasoline-powered generator, can handle larger appliances at your home. 

Buy a High-Quality Generator, Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply  

Be prepared for those inevitable times when the power goes out. Finding the right generator is easier when you contact our team at Ottawa Fastener Supply. You will discover popular, high-quality brands like BE Generators, King Canada, and other outdoor power equipment. Our staff is ready to answer all your questions when you call us today! 

For more information on our latest selection of generators or other outdoor power tools, please stop by any one of our two locations in Ottawa. Our friendly staff is always happy to help. 

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