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A Look at the Advantages of the ONE-KEY Product from Milwaukee

Today’s work teams require precise levels of control to reach the highest of performance standards. But without ways to maintain the speed and torque of their tools, work teams lose an important performance factor. Now, the manufacturers at Milwaukee have created a product designed to support the very highest levels of tool precision with ONE-KEY, the first digital platform for refined tool and equipment management.

Inventory Management

The Milwaukee ONE-KEY solution is designed for the both the large, multi-site work team and the growing organization. It features a refined inventory management component that details the exact placement of tools across the company network. The inventory management element of ONE-KEY empowers companies to keep detailed records on each tool and its performance, helping mitigate repair issues and ensure the right tool is available at the precise location for a specific working application. The inventory management element of ONE-KEY also means managers can assign tools to specific users, providing a superior level of accountability.

Tool Control

Tool control is the cornerstone of the ONE-KEY product. The system can be synced via a mobile application to the M18 Fuel drilling and driving products to ensure each product performs to the precise requirements expected within the organization. The ONE-KEY application will allow users to set a range of performance parameters. Users can customize the speed and the torque of tools for working with specific materials and according to the demands of varying environments. They can also set pre-determined performance levels for specific jobs to ensure work teams are able to complete their work with the utmost efficiency, and without the need to continually alter the tool’s settings during the working process.

Tool Reporting

Maintaining tool performance over the long-term can keep teams profitable and working to peak productivity. The ONE-KEY system is designed to provide a full range of performance data on the latest tools. While syncing wirelessly with the web-based application, ONE-KEY will offer users the ability to upload performance history and data for users to determine how best to utilize the tool within their organization. In managing and reporting performance, ONE-KEY can also be instrumental in tracking service intervals for all tools within the company inventory. This ensures that tools are working to peak performance and helps mitigate periods of unscheduled downtime.

It’s the market-leading solution for powerful and precise tool performance. Ottawa Fastener Supply customers can now buy the ONE-KEY product for less! When you buy the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2-Tool Combo Kit with ONE-KEY, you get one of three FUEL tools free! To learn more about the ONE-KEY product and this latest offer from Ottawa Fastener Supply, please call our office team today at 613 828-4117.

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