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Ottawa Fastener Supply Highlight the Benefits of the REAXX Table Saw from Bosch

Safety is a leading consideration for every tool user. DIY projects should be completed with the utmost safety and harnessing tools that assure working efficiency. But for most home tool users, it can be difficult to find a product that helps bring higher levels of working safety to their DIY projects. It’s why the team at Ottawa Safety Supply are now offering their expertise by showcasing the benefits of the REAXX Table Saw from Bosch.

Active Response Technology for Injury Prevention

Active Response Technology from Bosch represents the latest in safety innovation within the tool marketplace. The technology works to instantly and rapidly drop the saw blade below the tabletop when it detects that human flesh has come into contact with the blade. The process is completed without damaging the blade and allows for the entire system to be reset in just 60 seconds. Exceptional performance and high class safety combined in a market-leading tool.

15 Amp, 4.0 HP Motor for Working Efficiency

The 15 amp, 4.0 horsepower motor within the REAXX Table Saw is designed to drive project efficiency by operating at a speed of 3650 RPM. This is a level of working performance utilized by professional woodworkers across the country, and will be more than enough power for ensuring optimal results with a home DIY project.

Modular Blade Guard and Riving Knife for Safe Control

Kick back is a leading concern for the home woodworker. When utilizing the latest table saws, they can often experience saw movement that causes a number of safety issues. To help DIY users maintain a higher level of control over their table saw, Bosch has integrated the REAXX Table Saw with a modular blade guard. The blade guard helps the blade remain in place during specialized cuts. The REAXX Table Saw also features a riving knife, which is designed to prevent vibration and kickbacks that are both a leading cause of injury during woodworking applications.

Gravity-Rise Wheeled Table Saw Stand for Seamless Portability

Traveling between job areas with the saw can be a challenging process for home users. They often complete working projects without assistance and are unable to transport the saw alone. The REAXX Table Saw comes replete with the Gravity-Rise Wheeled Table Saw Stand, which assures tough outdoor terrain can be managed easily as the table saw is transported outside for outdoor cutting work. The stand is designed to offer easy set up and take down to drive higher levels of working efficiency for the home user.

The trusted team at Ottawa Fastener Supply is now inviting clients to explore more on the full range of benefits offered by the Bosch REAXX Table Saw. To learn more, call Ottawa Fastener Supply today at 613 828-4117 or visit their business website at

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