A Look at the Latest DeWalt ToughSystem Options
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A Look at the Latest DeWalt ToughSystem Options

At busy work sites, teams must consider their full range of tool storage requirements. Heavy tools require robust storage systems to ensure optimal safety in transit from one point to another. Each storage product must be designed for high levels of durability and for high levels of performance within challenging working conditions. The DeWalt ToughSystem line of products has become the leading and most versatile solution to these common storage challenges, and in this latest article, the team at Ottawa Fastener Supply outline the benefits of the latest DeWalt ToughSystem products.

ToughSystem DS Carrier
The ToughSystem DS Carrier is the foremost product for transporting all ToughSystem cases on the job. For large construction teams, the carrier offers a superior level of flexibility compared with other tool transportation products. It features adjustable folding brackets so that teams can tailor the storage area for their tool transportation needs. The product also features a refined central locking mechanism that secures the boxes to the frame.

ToughSystem DS400 XL Case
The ToughSystem DS400 XL Case is the market-leading product for durable tool storage. The system features a thick structural foam box with an integrated water seal. This helps protect tools from the damage caused by moisture. Another advantage of the ToughSystem DS400 XL Case is it offers an inner vertical storage space for smaller hand tools. It’s the leading market solution for a broad range of storage demands.

ToughSystem DS250 Drawer Unit
For teams with significant storage requirements, few products offer the performance provided by the ToughSystem DS250 Drawer Unit. The DS250 stands out on the market for its 44lbs weight capacity and the depth of the drawers within the system. He DS250 offers deep drawers for heavy power tools and shallower drawers for smaller parts and accessories. It’s the ultimate organizational product.

ToughSystem Tote
The ToughSystem Tote provides work teams with a large open space for tool placement. A leading advantage of harnessing multiple ToughSystem Totes is their stack-ability, which enables teams to place one on top of the other for effective storage of all tools. The product features a side grab handle for ergonomic handling and easy transfer onto the ToughSystem carrier.

ToughSystem Organizer
The ToughSystem Organizer allows teams to quickly and securely separately tools and accessories by type. The product offers a refined storage system featuring 4 large and 8 small removable cups for optimal packing of all products used on the job site.

By reviewing the full array of ToughSystem storage options from DeWalt, working teams can now secure their tools while assuring effective tool management. To learn more on the latest ToughSystem products, speak with the experts at Ottawa Fastener Supply today at 613 828-4117 or visit their business website at www.ottawafastenersupply.com.

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