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An Overview of the Makita 36V 7-1/4in Circular Saw

For years, woodworkers have utilized electric saws to achieve higher levels of power during challenging working projects. However, because electric saws require a constant connection to the outlet, users are unable to retain working flexibility. They must remain in the same area and may not be able to access other tools when operating the saw. Now, the Makita 36V 7-1/4in Circular Saw offers a leading-class solution to this prominent challenge, and in this latest post we’ll provide a full overview on the saw’s benefits.

Battery Operated for Complete Portability

This latest Makita saw is battery approach to provide users with leading-class levels of portability across the job site. It’s the first 36v product offered by the company and provides a superior level of working performance compared with other battery-operated saw options. Saw users will be able to retain the same working performance offered by electric models while gaining the flexibility to move around the site with the saw.

Electric Brake for Optimal Safety

In any woodworking process, safety is one of the foremost concerns. The Makita 36V Circular Saw is designed with an electric brake, which stops the blade 3-to-5 seconds after the trigger has been released. This is ideal for use within busy work sites where environmental elements may require sawing work to be paused with immediate effect. The Circular Saw from Makita also comes replete with a large lock-off safety lever, which helps to prevent accidental start-up of the system by those unfamiliar with the equipment.

Ergonomic Soft Rubber Grip Design for Working Comfort

A leading consideration for saw users is vibration. A high level of vibration can limit their control and thereby impact the results of the working project. The Makita 36V Circular Saw features an ergonomic soft rubber grip design, to assure working comfort for the user and to help them maintain the highest level of control while absorbing vibration during operation. The saw also includes a blower feature, which is designed to keep the working area free of sawdust and to limit the potential for contamination of the surface.

Bevel Capacity of 50o

When reviewing circular saws, it’s critical to consider the bevel capacity of the product to determine the quality of the cuts available. The Makita 36V Circular Saw offers a bevel capacity of 50o with a positive stop at 45o, to ensure the precise cutting levels required for refined work.

The market-leading 36V Circular Saw is helping teams make light work of woodworking, roofing, remodeling and carpentry projects. To learn more on the product and its full array of benefits, contact the team here at Ottawa Fastener Supply directly at 613 828-4117. Our team of experts is available now to answer all product questions.

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