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Cordless Power Tools: A Tough Choice

Brand Red or Brand Yellow in Cordless Power Tools: A Tough Choice

Industry-Leading Lineups Boast Impressive Array of Features

Although the Milwaukee – brand red – and the DeWALT – brand yellow – cordless power tool lineups are both tough, choosing between them can be even tougher.

The Tool and Equipment Store, your Ottawa tool store, compares and contrasts the two brands in this blog post to ease your decision-making.

The differences between the two line-ups of cordless power tools don’t just come down to colour. But let’s start with the similarities.

Both brands feature powerful lithium ion batteries and over 100 individual tools in their lineups. Both motor designs are brushless for improved efficiency. Both brands have also introduced newer, high-powered batteries enabling cordless operation for heavier tools.

Milwaukee’s basic lineup of cordless power tools, the M18 FUEL, “represents the ultimate synergy of professional grade power, light weight, extreme performance and superior ergonomics,” according to the Milwaukee Tool web site. The web site for DeWALT’s 20V MAX lineup, on the other hand, claims that “all tools come with upgraded features and superior ergonomics.” For extreme performance in the 20V MAX lineup, DeWALT urges users to “step up to the XR series and get advanced electronics, extended runtime and faster application speeds.”

There are differences in the newer, high-powered batteries, however.

The Milwaukee RED LITHIUM HIGH DEMAND battery “delivers up to five times more run time, 35 per cent more power, 50 per cent more recharges and runs 60 per cent cooler than standard 18V lithium ion batteries.” It “provides the next large step towards full corded replacement when paired with the M18” collection of tools.

The DeWALT FLEXVOLT battery “automatically changes voltage when you change tools.” It “brings power to a whole new lineup of tools” and is backwards compatible with the 20V collection.

The Tool and Equipment Store, your Ottawa tool store, carries the full lineups of Milwaukee and DeWALT cordless power tools.

Milwaukee’s lineup also comes with a mobile app that “combines a free-to-use inventory program with the industry’s smartest tools.” The REDLINK PLUS intelligence hardware and software enable “online and mobile record-keeping and simplified tool and equipment management, including security – allowing you to lock your tools and disable them remotely; tracking – to track your tool’s location from anywhere; and reporting – to view your tools’ usage and performance data.”

Finally, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL and DeWALT 20V MAX lineups each offer battery kits containing either one or two batteries. Both the Milwaukee and DeWALT lineups of cordless power tools are designed for tough jobs and tested on real-world work sites. Both are valuable for either heavy industrial or do-it-yourself week-end use.

Does it come down to colour? You decide. Compare and contrast the Milwaukee and DeWALT cordless power tool lineups yourself to take into account the features and benefits that matter most to you.

Better yet, stop in and consult the experts at The Tool and Equipment Store, your Ottawa tool and hardware store, before making your decision. Colour never looked so good in your hands!


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