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Get your Home Summer Ready with Tips from The Tool Store in Ottawa

Winter in the Ottawa area can be tough on your home and property. Now that it’s officially spring, it’s the perfect time to get outside and see what has to be done to prepare for the hotter weather. Follow these tips from your team at Ottawa Fastener Supply to get your home summer ready now, so all that’s left to do when it arrives is enjoy the heat!

Inspect your Home for Air Leaks and Damages

Do a tour of the outside of your home to check for air leaks that will drive up your air conditioning costs this summer.

  • Inspect the seals on windows and doors and reseal if necessary.
  • Check around any pipes or vents that enter your home from outside to ensure they are also properly sealed and free of debris.
  • Look for cracks in your foundation and seal any that are not serious. Have a professional look at any that have seemed to shift or have formed around corners.
  • Go over your roof carefully to see if any shingles have become damaged or loose. Replacing as necessary can extend the lifespan of your roof considerably. Be sure to look for any signs of water damage.

Get Rid of the Ravages of Winter

No matter how pristine your home and yard are before winter hits, there’s always an after-effect from that blanket of snow and winter storms. Get things cleaned up and looking great before the warm weather.

  • Use a pressure washer to clean the outside of your home and to blast away winter grime from decking, pathways and driveways. Once you are done, look for signs that signal bigger projects such as repainting the exterior or applying a new coat of sealant to decks or walkways.
  • Clean out your gutters and inspect downspouts to ensure water can flow freely and discharge away from your foundation.
  • Rake your lawn to remove leaves and debris that can prevent your grass from growing properly. Inspect and repair any irrigation systems so they’re ready to refresh your lawn and garden when needed.
  • Trim any excess growth around trees and shrubs to discourage pests.
  • Inspect your outdoor power equipment and perform a tune-up or consider purchasing new so you won’t spend most of your hot weather time caring for your yard.

These simple yet necessary tips will ensure your home is ready for the hot weather and hey- they give you an excuse to spend time outdoors now that the weather is warming up! For more helpful information or to get everything you need to prepare your home for summer, contact your experts of Ottawa Fastener Supply.

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