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Ottawa Fastener Supply Announces Full Line of Superior Brushless Motor Milwaukee Tools

June 10, 2016 – Ottawa, ON – Milwaukee Tools are widely known as leaders in innovation throughout the industry, constantly pushing the limits of conventional handheld power tools.  Their new line of brushless motor tools exemplifies this, and Ottawa Fastener Supply has them in-stock.

Brushless motors are a revolutionary new design which greatly reduce both the size of components and the amount of friction within a motor casing, while utilizing computer controls to adjust the speed of the motor in use.  The results of this when applied to 12V or 18V power tools is dramatic.

According to Milwaukee’s own tests, the brushless designs, such as in their M18 Fuel line of tools bring:

  • Ten times the motor life of older brushed designs.
  • Four times the power-generating component density.
  • Over sixty percent more peak torque.
  • Over eighty percent more power when under load.
  • Far greater per-charge run time, up to 400 percent.

The Milwaukee Tools M18 Fuel line of drivers and impact tools are setting the industry standard for long-lasting and high-powered handheld tools, and Ottawa Fastener Supply proudly carries them. M18 Fuel products are perfect for either professionals or amateurs who want the most possible returns from their tool investments.

When a customer buys Milwaukee Tools from Ottawa Fastener Supply, they are getting a top-grade purchase, backed by expert advice from some of the best-trained sales staff available anywhere.  Ottawa Fastener Supply ensures every customer leaves with the right tool for the right job.

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Ottawa Fastener Supply is a one Canada’s largest independent seller of power tools, safety gear, riding lawn equipment, and other top-grade equipment for both home and professional construction work.  Their massive 10,000 square foot showroom already has as many items featured as most corporate ‘big box’ stores, plus there’s another 12,000 square feet of storage.  Whatever a pro or enthusiast needs, Ottawa Fastener Supply probably has it, backed by competitive prices and a friendly highly-trained staff of experts.

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