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Porter Cable Tools – The Gold Standard in Biscuit Joiners

It’s probably not overstatement to say that the creation of the biscuit was one of the biggest revolutions in woodworking since the nail. A good biscuit-joining system is an absolute must-have for any woodworking enthusiast or professional.

Well, the 557 from Porter-Cable Tools isn’t just a good biscuit joiner; it’s a great biscuit joiner. 

Chances are, you’ve already heard of the 557, even if you haven’t had the chance to work with one.  We’re here to tell you that it lives up to its reputation as the gold standard in portable biscuit joining.  This rugged device is built for one job, and does it so well that you might never need another one.

The 557 From Porter-Cable Tools

The Porter-Cable 557 incorporates numerous smart design elements that make it the choice for cutting biscuit slots.  Here are some great features:

  • A super-powerful 7-amp 10,000RPM motor that’s able to instantly chew through even the toughest hardwoods, with perfect precision every time.
  • A precisely-adjustable fence that allows the 557 to be used at a wide variety of angles, from 0 to 135 degrees.  These are marked on a finely-machined series of guidelines. The 557 can even be used in a purely vertical top-down orientation.
  • A seven-position rotating depth stop allows it to work with all standard biscuit types.  Multiple blades (sold separately) make wider or thinner cuts to match, down to thin FF biscuits.
  • The spindle-lock mechanism allows quick and easy exchanging of blades, using nothing but a standard Phillips screwdriver, and an included Allen wrench.
  • The sturdy top-grip handle works along with the back-end grip to ensure you have full control of the tool at every stage of the cutting process.
  • Easy portability, thanks to the included high-strength carrying case which holds all your needed parts and accessories.  Plus, the 557 itself only weighs a little over seven pounds.

The 557 from Porter-Cable Tools is used around the world by professionals and amateurs alike.  In the event you haven’t picked one up for yourself, Ottawa Fastener Supply is the place to come.  We have plenty of 557s in stock, plus all the biscuits you could need. We also carry a range of other Porter-Cable Tools, as well as fasteners, power tools, and much more.

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