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TRUEVIEW from Milwaukee Tools: All Day Portable Lighting

When you think of innovation in tools, you probably think of Milwaukee Tools.  Milwaukee is widely-known for being at the forefront of new technologies; often being the first-to-market with innovative concepts that end up being copied by the other tool companies.

Milwaukee’s commitment to advancing technology in construction equipment is evident with the TRUEVIEW line of portable lighting accessories.  These are a revolution in job-site lighting, addressing practically every problem that existed with previous lighting solutions.

Let’s take a look.

Shedding Light on the Darkest Jobs: TRUEVIEW by Milwaukee Tools

Go-Anywhere Design

One of the first priorities for TRUEVIEW was that it could live at the job site, moving from room to room and floor to floor, as needed.  Every TRUEVIEW light is fully cordless, and surprisingly lightweight.  Smart use of telescoping arms allows TRUEVIEW to shrink into small packages for easy movement, while expanding up to seven feet or more (depending on the model).

Unsurpassed Lighting 

TRUEVIEW uses pure-white LED bulbs to create the most work-friendly lighting situation possible.  Unlike incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, there’s no color distortion, which can endanger delicate work such as wiring or painting.  A room lit by TRUEVIEW is at least as visible as in sunlight, and the wide-focus lensing utilized by Milwaukee’s lights means there’s an absolute minimum of shadow-casting as well.

Plus, industry-leading M-18 battery packs bring all-day use without recharging.


TRUEVIEW lights are built to last.  Every light is fully ruggedized and capable of withstanding multiple high-impact drops without any significant damage.  Milwaukee knows that accidental drops are common in a busy workplace, and designed their lights to be able to handle real-world conditions.


Previously, one of the biggest issues with the use of massive job site lights, was the equally-massive amounts of heat they would generate.  This could be downright dangerous, as well as simply being unpleasant to work near, especially in confined spaces.  TRUEVIEW lights are engineered to reduce heat output in every possible way, for a cool lighting solution that won’t interfere with the job.

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Ottawa Fastener Supply carries all the revolutionary Milwaukee tools you could want, and probably some you didn’t know you wanted!  Milwaukee’s TRUEVIEW lights, backed by the expertise and service of Ottawa Fastener Supply, are a superior investment.

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