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Ottawa Fastener Supply Is Your Best Choice for Husqvarna Lawn Tractors

In the event you’re in the market for a Husqvarna lawn tractor, there’s no better place to turn than Ottawa’s favorite independent tool and parts dealer, Ottawa Fastener Supply.

Husqvarna is known as one of the top brands in lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers due to their commitment to heavy-duty build quality, and top-grade machine innovations.  Husqvarna is home equipment built to professional specs, full of smart design elements that make for some of the easiest lawn maintenance a person could ask for.

Ottawa Fastener Supply doesn’t just carry a full line of Husqvarna lawn tractor options and parts, we’re also experts on Husqvarna service.  That makes OFS one of the top retailers for Husqvarna products.

Three Reasons to Buy Your Husqvarna from Ottawa Fastener Supply (OFS)

  1. Full Machine Service

OFS wants to guarantee you’re 100 percent satisfied with your Husqvarna lawn tractor from the moment you get it.  We don’t simply sell you the equipment; we conduct full Pre-Delivery Inspections of every lawn tractor prior to delivery.  If there are any issues with a unit, you won’t need to know about it – we’ll ensure you get a perfect Husqvarna every time.

  1. Accessories and Parts

At OFS, there’s a full selection of blades, seat covers, cabs, and more.  We’ve even got snow blowers, if you’re wanting to get a head start on the winter season.  Plus, we also have all the standard options for the tractors themselves, such as anti-scalp wheels, cruise control, and yes… that includes cup-holders.

  1. Great Customer Service

OFS is fully-certified for servicing Husqvarna lawn tractors – guaranteed to know every model inside and out.  When you’re in the market and unsure what model to buy, our friendly staff will be glad to help you make the right choice.  Or, in the unlikely case that you have problems with your Husqvarna after purchase, we’re also your warranty fulfillment and service centre!

The combination of price, parts, expertise, and superior service which Ottawa Fastener Supply offers, simply cannot be beat.  When you buy a Husqvarna lawn tractor from OFS, you’re getting one of the best possible options in lawn care.

For more information about lawn tractors, power tools, and much more, please contact Ottawa Fastener Supply today!

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