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With A Husqvarna Lawn Tractor, Little Additions Can Make a Big Difference!

Husqvarna is a well-respected name in outdoor equipment, and at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we’re proud to carry a full range of Husqvarna Lawn Tractor options. Their combinations of comfort, power, and affordability make them one of Canada’s favorite options in home and business lawn care.
You also get plenty of options in customizing your Husqvarna lawn tractor, and that’s where the small things can make a big difference. While stripped-down builds are available, some of the minor add-ons can make a big difference to the Husqvarna’s performance, and your own comfort when using it.
These are the additions which you’ll be thanking yourself for buying in the long run, even if they add a little bit to the bill at first.

A Few Small Worthwhile Additions for You Husqvarna

(Available on most models.)
Anti-Scalp Wheels: When riding your Husqvarna lawn tractor over uneven terrain, it’s easy for the cutting deck to dip too low, “scalping” the lawn by cutting into the topsoil. A few scalps can quickly make a lawn look rough and uneven. These little wheels, added to the deck, ensure the blades always remain high enough above ground level to prevent scalping.
Cast Front Axle: Typically, front axles on riding mowers are made of welded steel, but steel is relatively fragile and lightweight. Upgrading to a cast-iron front axle provides several benefits. The first benefit is it keeps the front end anchored with larger blades or cutting collectors, improving grip and stability. Secondly, it also makes the front axle far less likely to get damaged in minor collisions with objects hidden in grass.
Electric Blade Engagement: Why manually wrestle with levers while your lawn tractor is in motion? Electric blade engagement simplifies the process to nothing more than the press of a switch on your dashboard. A small adjustment, but it makes a Husqvarna much easier to use.
Adjustable Sliding Seat: This is one of the hidden secrets for having a comfortable ride on a Husqvarna lawn tractor. The adjustable seat is auto-adjusting, moving up and down as you shift in the seat. When you’re leaning forward over the dash, it compensates to ensure you’re always fully -and safely- seated.
Cruise Control: Keeping a consistent speed is important when going for a perfect cut, but it can be tricky on rough terrain or areas where you’re having to dodge objects. Cruise control means you can keep your attention on navigation and safe handling, while letting the tractor worry about maintaining speed.
Cup Holder: If you’re working in the hot sun, you’re going to want a cool beverage to keep you company. The cup holder prevents your drink from ever distracting you from managing your lawn tractor; and it’s just plain convenient.

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