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In accordance with Ontario Health & Safety Protocols, OFS is no longer requiring customers to wear Masks in our store. Curbside pick up still available.

Shop Locally-Owned Hardware Stores In Ottawa For The Best Products And Best Experience

We constantly hear about how so-called “big box” stores are killing off small, locally owned outlets.  Here at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we’re doing better than ever!  We are one of the hardware stores Ottawa has come to rely on, and that’s because we do things better than those corporate-owned retail monsters.

Ottawa Fastener Supply has been a fixture of the local community for more than thirty years, and we’re one of the most-trusted resources for tools, equipment, and safety supplies of all kinds.  

Why Big Boxes Aren’t the Hardware Stores Ottawa Wants

  1.  Product Quality

The corporate-owned stores choose their products based on one criteria:  price.  They want the products they can purchase in the largest bulk, for the lowest per-unit price.  But that doesn’t mean they’re the best products.  On the contrary, it usually means low-quality and easily-broken products which, in turn, force the customer to buy replacements more often.

At Ottawa Supply Fastener, we use the same products we stock.  We select them to be the best products on the market, for the widest range of customers, from individuals to businesses.  We stand by our products.

  1.  Selection

Sure, big box stores usually have a little bit of just about everything.  But that’s the problem, it’s only a little bit.  Often you’ll only have one or two options, even for relatively common items.  Combined with the frequent low quality of the products, and this quickly makes for a dissatisfying shopping experience.

Ottawa Fastener Supply have far more selection than one might think, because we have more than 12,000 square feet of storage space in the back for products that aren’t stocked in the front.  Whatever you’re looking for, we probably have it.  Just ask!

  1.  Size 

Ever notice how tiring it can be, wandering around a massive maze-like store?  Some big-box stores are even designed specifically to “trap” you inside, with unintuitive layout and non-helpful signage that discourage people from leaving.  Customers walk for miles (or so it seems) past aisles and aisles of stuff they don’t want, just searching for the one item they came for.

With 10,000 square feet of front floor space, Ottawa Fastener Supply is well-organized.  We make it easy to find what you want, without spending all day finding it.

  1.  Trustworthy Service

Ottawa Fastener Supply is one of the hardware stores Ottawa turns to most because we have a true track record of excellence.  Our employees are helpful and truly knowledgeable, both with the products we stock, as well as their use.  We have far lower employee turnover than low-budget corporate big box stores, and that means our workers have time to really learn their trade.

Ottawa Fastener Supply is where the professionals shop, throughout the area, because they know they’ll get the service and experience they need.  When you visit our store, you’ll see why!


Due to worldwide shortage of N95 masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Ottawa Fastener cannot promise delivery ETA’s for these products and will NOT be holding products for customers. If products do become available, it will be on a first come, first served basis. Please call 613 828 5311 or email if you are looking for these products.

Thank you.