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Six Power Tools you Cannot Live Without if you Plan to DIY

While there are many renovations that are beyond the scope of an average person’s DIY capabilities, you can do many projects if you have some basic skills and the right power tools. Just a few examples include some types of flooring, baseboards and trim, shelving and more. The key to your success lies in six power tools you cannot live without if you plan to do a great job on your DIY projects.

  1. Cordless Drill – Be sure to invest in a reliable, powerful cordless drill. This power tool will more than pay for itself as you use it to pre-drill holes and assemble items on your DIY list. From hanging drywall to fastening that annoying loose doorplate, you will save a lot of time and wrist twisting with a good drill.
  2. Circular Saw – Available in corded and cordless models, a circular or skill saw is easily portable and makes quick work of cutting boards for your projects. With some practice, you can easily rip large pieces of plywood and zip through studs with ease.
  3. Mitre Saw – While you can cut mitres with a skill saw, getting them precise takes a lot of practice. If you plan to do a lot of flooring, moldings and baseboards, invest in a mitre saw. In the end, you will save money by wasting less of these pricy materials and your joints will look professional.
  4. Compressor and Nail Gun – You will survive if you do not get yourself a compressor and nail gun, but after trying to nail down one or two baseboard lengths, you will be sorry you did not. Not only are pneumatic nail guns fast and easy to use, you will have smaller holes to fill during finishing and you will not be trying to cover hammer strikes. An added bonus- the air compressor is multifunctional and can be used for countless tasks!
  5. Oscillating Multi-Tool – If you are doing any type of woodwork in your DIY efforts, this is a power tool you definitely cannot live without. A multi-tool will save you hours on projects and save money because it can cut, sand, scrape and more, depending on the attachments you use.
  6. Laser Level – You might be able to live without one and since it does not have a motor, it does not exactly qualify as a power tool, but a laser level will change your life. From hanging pictures, to shelves to starter strips for flooring, getting on the straight and narrow has never been easier.


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