The importance of having Safety Eyewear for Workers in Ottawa
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What do I need to know about safety eyewear

What Do I Need To Know About Safety Eyewear?

Construction workers face many different threats to their eyes on the job. From impacts to UV light, chemicals to dust, it’s important to have the right safety gear in Ottawa. Count on Ottawa Fastener Supply to provide the correct safety eyewear for the job.  

Types of Eyewear Protection  

1. Safety glasses – the most common type of eyewear protection. There’s a wide selection to find glasses that fit most workers.  

2. Safety goggles – goggles seal to the face for even greater protection. If someone wears prescription glasses, they may need goggles to cover their regular glasses.  

Features and ANSI Codes for Safety Eyewear  

The American National Standards Institute coordinates the features of protective eyewear. Look for the codes etched on the lenses or the arms of the glasses to find the right eyewear for the job. Most safety glasses will have multiple features, allowing for greater protection.  

  • Z87 – impact rated 
  • Z87+ – high impact rated 
  • D3 – splash protection 
  • D4 – dust protection 
  • X indicates eyewear has passed the fog test and can resist fogging 
  • W# – welding protection on a scale from 1.3 – 14 
  • U# – UV protection on a scale from 2 – 6 
  • R# – infrared light protection on a scale from 1.3 – 10 
  • L# – visible light filter on a scale from 1.3 – 10 

Choosing the right safety equipment in Ottawa gives your workers peace of mind when they’re on the job. Contact Ottawa Fastener Supply for all of the safety gear you need to protect workers’ hearing, hands, feet, and more on the job.

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