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DeWalt Battery Voltage FAQs Ottawa Fastener Supply

Your Top 10 DeWalt Battery Voltage Questions Answered

For diehard fans, the invention of DeWalt cordless tools was a game changer. No more lugging around extension cords on a job site. No more need for bulky generators or heavy compressors and the numerous hoses that go with them. No more fear of tripping over a cord and getting hurt or, worse, ruining your cut. Today’s battery-packed powerhouses continue to evolve to include their FlexVolt system.

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At Ottawa Fastener Supply, we stock DeWalt power tools because we know you deserve tools that can keep up with your demands. Whether you are the professional on the worksite or the capable DIYer working on your home, you do not have time or money to waste on lesser quality equipment. Their durability and reliability is a testament to the company’s lengthy history.

With tools built to last, switching out your 20V circular saw may be cost prohibitive. You may also have strong feelings about the miter saw that has helped you create thousands of decks. Since the cordless revolution appears to be the way of the future, it begs the question: how long should you hold out before diving into the world of flexible voltage? With new technologies how do you make the most of the battery life?

Answers to Your Top 10 DeWalt Battery Questions

Nothing says engineering excellence like DeWalt’s cordless power tools. Their real-world testing means you get a better product for your investment. With a variety of options to wade through, we have answers to your top ten battery voltage questions:

DeWalt Battery Voltage FAQs - Ottawa Fastener Supply

1.  What’s the difference between 20V & 60V DeWalt batteries?

It depends on the use. If you are working under heavy-duty situations, say you are a cut man on a residential job site, the 60V batteries can handle the stress that comes with the territory. They labour less under load and run cooler than the 20V batteries. Also, the 60V changes its voltage draw based on the tool it is used in. Basically, one battery pack can run several tools.

Choosing the correct DeWalt Batteries - Ottawa Fastener Supply

2.  Can I use my 20V battery in my 60V tool and vise versa?

The short answer is no. 20V batteries are exclusive to 20V tools. For example, you cannot use your 20V reciprocating saw’s battery pack in your 60V hammer drill. However, you can take a 60V pack and use it in a 20V, 60V, and 120V(60V x 2) tools like your brushless impact driver.

20V Max & 60V Max DeWalt Tool Compatibility - Ottawa Fastener Supply

Keep in mind that the interchangeability stops at the device.  It is imperative that you charge your 60V battery in a 60V FlexVolt charger.

3.  Which of the DeWalt Voltage systems are obsolete?

At the head of the pack are the 8V and 14.4V systems. None of these are supported as much as the newer versions and are almost entirely phased out. Close behind them is the 18V system. You can still find tools and batteries for sale, but these are in the process of being phased out. The 24V and 36V tools are already discontinued.

Obsolete DeWalt Voltage Systems - Ottawa Fastener Supply

Like the 18V system, you can find batteries and chargers if you have equipment with these voltage requirements.

4. How do I know when my battery is fully charged?

On a DeWalt charger, there is a red LED light that flashes while charging your battery. When it stops flashing and glows continuously, the battery is fully charged and ready for use. For other manufacturers, consult the instruction manual.

Increasing Run-Time of DeWalt Battery - Ottawa Fastener Supply

5.  Should I leave my battery in the charger when it is finished charging?

To get the most life out of your battery, you should remove it from the charger once it has finished charging. The problem with overcharging is the potential damage to the battery which can shorten its lifespan and leave you in a lurch if it quits in the middle of a project. Of course, be sure to read your tool’s instructions as they may indicate that storing your battery on the charger is fine.

Preventing Damage to DeWalt Battery - Ottawa Fastener Supply

As a side note, using and charging your battery regularly will help extend its life. So, charge it fully, use it regularly, and store it properly to get maximum use time.

6.  Should I remove the battery from the tool when I’m not using it?

Generally speaking, unless the trigger is activated on the tool, the battery should have no effect. It is good practice to keep the trigger in a locked position when not in use, especially if it is being stored in your work truck and gets bounced around when in transit from site to site.

7.  How long will a fully charged 20V battery last?

It depends. Several variables will determine the length of a charge you can expect and the life of the battery. These factors include user behavior, ambient temperatures, storage habits, and capacity.

Do you throw it loosely in the same toolbox that your saws, hammers, and screwdrivers bounce around in? It’s better to store it in the original carry case or cushioned bag. 

DeWalt warranties their Lithium-ion batteries for three years. If you take great care, you can expect them to last much longer.

8.  Can a battery charger be used with a generator?

You should check with the manufacturer before plugging in your battery charger to your generator. Each generator gives off different variations in voltage and current and may affect the charge. All DeWalt chargers, except for the DW9106, are designed to withstand the fluctuations delivered by generators.

9.  Does DeWalt make all of their tools in every voltage they offer?

No, but most tools are available in both 18 and 20 voltages. DeWalt does make an adapter so you can use a 20V battery in your 18V impact wrench. They continue to expand their 20V line of cordless power tools, which is good news. When your trusty 15-year-old compact drill malfunctions or is finally phased out, you can upgrade.

Do 120v Max tools have their own DeWalt Batteries? - Ottawa Fastener Supply

At this time, the 60V Flexvolt line is less diverse but growing.

10.  How do the 40V Max Outdoor Power Tools fit into DeWalt’s line-up?

This line targets heavy outdoor power equipment users such as landscapers. The battery packs are larger and include more cells. The FlexVolt is not compatible with this line of outdoor tools.

 Pros of DeWalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Tools - Ottawa Fastener Supply

DeWalt: A History Worth Its Weight

Since 1924, DeWalt Power tools have led the industry in developing and manufacturing products with contractors, remodelers, and professional woodworkers in mind. Back in 1994, they revolutionized everything with the introduction of over 30 new cordless tools. Since then, each generation has outstripped the next in battery life and power.

Their dedication to extensive research resulted in developing the SHOCKS Active Vibration Control which reduces vibration and the Perform and Protect line of products. Each aimed at protecting the user from the effects of vibrations and dust without sacrificing performance.

Man blowing leaves with DeWalt leaf blower - Ottawa Fastener Supply

Ottawa Fastener Supply is proud to offer DeWalt products at competitive prices. Come in to find a full range of saws, grinders, drills and impacts, hammer drills, and cordless DeWalt power tools. Our helpful staff is happy to assist you with product knowledge or answer your questions. We can ensure you walk out with the best tools to meet the requirements of your project.

For more information on our latest selection of DeWalt Power Tools, stop by our Ottawa location and our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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