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OFS December Thumbnail How do I keep my project from getting damaged by the clamps

How do I keep my project from getting damaged by the clamps?

There are a few tricks and disciplines you can implement to prevent your project from getting damaged during the build. Marring wood or metal after placing much time, energy, and heart into a project can be quite defeating. You also know that Bessey clamps are like another set of hands, and your project may not be completed without them. What can you do to stop potential damage from your clamps? 

Here are some simple tricks to prevent marring when clamping a project together: 

  • Keep them clean. Wipe them off between uses. A craftsperson understands the importance of keeping tools clean and in good shape. The same idea applies to clamps. 
  • Use some wood glue and a clamping caul. Apply a thin layer of wood glue to a scrap piece of wood, and place it between your clamp and the wood. Now, you can open the clamp wide and place it on your project. Instead of having metal or plastic scraping your job, you will have wood-on-wood – a much better choice. 
  • Grab your painter’s tape or a piece of leather. Place the tape on the head of your clamps or insert leather in between the clamp and project. 

Besides knowing how to protect your next project, it helps to know which clamp to grab. Not every type is up to the same tasks and knowing what to use may seem daunting. Check out Ottawa Fastener Supply’s inventory. We have what you need to get the job done and can answer your questions about clamps when you call or contact us today. 

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