Maintenance tips to ensure years of use from your clamps
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OFS November Thumbnail How do I take care of my clamps

How do I take care of my clamps?

Gunk build-up on your favourite clamps can make life in the shop frustrating. By properly cleaning and maintaining your trusted extra set of hands, you ensure many years of usefulness and productive project builds. Keeping your Bessey clamps clean is the simplest thing you can do to ensure they work when you need them to.  

Use these tips to keep your clamps in great shape for years to come: 

  • Remove labels from new clamps and wipe clean. Dip a cloth in mineral spirits, and then clean off any adhesive residue from the bar. 
  • Protect the surface with paste wax. Start out new clamps with a fresh coat of paste wax followed by buffing it clean. Thereafter, use wax or oil to maintain the clean surface. 
  • Prevent glue build-up during use. One way to keep glue from building up on your clamp is to place a protective barrier between the clamp and your project’s work surface. You can use a number of items, including painter’s tape, packing tape, parchment paper, and leather. 
  • Clean clamps immediately after use. Once your piece is set, remove the clamps, wipe them down with a dry cloth, and add oil or paste wax as needed. This is especially helpful on moving parts. 
  • Remove rust with a spray-on rust remover and steel wool. 

Keep your favourite tools lasting a lifetime when you keep them cleaned, oiled, and stored properly. The knowledgeable staff at Ottawa Fastener Supply can answer all your questions about clamps and proper maintenance. Contact us today to find the best clamps for your upcoming projects. 

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