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How long before I need to replace my clamps?

How long before I need to replace my clamps?

With regular maintenance and care, you can expect to get many years of use from your clamps. You should never be without these handy tools. Yet, there will come a time when you will need to retire your old ones and buy new ones. How long should you anticipate before you have to breakdown and grab a new set of Bessey clamps? It depends.

Here are some signs that your clamps have reached their usefulness:

  • Glue build-up makes them hard to work with. If you fail to keep your clamps clean and wipe off the glue when you are done with a project, then you may grow frustrated that they no longer work as they did when they were new.
  • Rust has appeared. After a while, rust can start showing up, affecting the sliding action of the clamp. Rust can also make your clamps noisy to use.
  • Overall wear and tear. Ideally, this won’t happen for many years if you make it a point to regularly clean, oil, and store your clamps. However, you may find that all the hours over the years of projects have caught up to the materials, and your clamps no longer work as they should.

No matter how long you keep your clamps, Ottawa Fastener Supply has new ones to replace the old dilapidated ones. Our team is happy to answer your questions about clamps and help you find the best replacements. We stock a huge inventory of clamps, including the tried-and-true Bessey Clamp. Contact us today and get your replacement clamps fast.