Get more done with the right types of clamps to keep in your toolbox at home
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How Many Different Types of Clamps Do I Need to Keep in My Toolbox at Home?

The number of versions of clamps is extensive. Knowing which ones will cover most of your project requirements without breaking the bank is vital. You know that these small tools aid you in a huge way. They are your extra set of hands to hold a drawer face onto a drawer while the glue sets. Ottawa Fastener Supply wants you to get more done by having the right clamps in your toolbox at home.

4 Useful Clamps for Your DIY Home Toolbox

If you were just setting up shop, we recommend starting with these four types. You can grow your collection as your budget and experience dictates.

  • Pipe Clamps – These may be the cheapest you can own. You choose a set of jaws with a specific circumference and then purchase corresponding pipes. The best part is you choose the length of the pipe. You get more for your money since you can have clamps as short or as long as you want with inexpensive pipe.
  • Bar Clamps – You may use this kind of clamp more often than others. With a wide range of sizes, you use these for gluing, holding stop blocks, and being your second set of hands in the shop.
  • Strap Clamps – Making picture frames for a new painting to go in your home? These will keep your frame locked tight while you wait for glue to set.
  • C (or G) Clamp – You have seen these in many places. Use this inexpensive, standard go-to clamp for woodworking and metalworking projects.

Get the quality clamps at great prices to ensure your DIY workshop is ready for the next repair or creative project. The team at Ottawa Fastener Supply has the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. Contact us today to get your toolbox set up in no time!

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