Explore the many different types of clamps and how you can use them
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How Many Different Types of Clamps Are There and What Are They Used for?

Ask anyone that uses clamps, and they will tell you that you can never have enough in your shop or toolbox. Why is that? Because these devices are like having an extra set of hands that secure parts of a project you are working on. You may use them for sawing, chiseling, welding, grinding, or fabrication.

So how many different types of clamps are there and what are they used for?

It’s possible to have more than 36 different kinds of clamps sitting in your workshop. They all have different uses, but one thing remains the same – when you need something held together, a clamp is your best friend.

Here are some types of clamps that make life in the workshop much easier:

  • Sash – Use this for windows and doors.
  • Spring – This is operated with one hand and has a spring under tension to hold things in place for a ton of different projects.
  • Bench – Think of bench vises. These handy tools secure to your workbench and hold items you want to saw, drill, sand, or plane on.
  • G and C – Possibly the most common clamps, they look like their respective letters and have a threaded rod that you twist to tighten or loosen.
  • Pipe – These are probably the least expensive and most versatile. First you buy a set of jaws, and then you choose any length of pipe.
  • Strap – Utilize this type to hold a picture frame together.

The list can go on and on. Save time and energy for your project when you find the best type of clamp by contacting the team at Ottawa Fastener Supply. We understand the reality of not having enough clamps or the right type. Avoid the frustration of not having what you need when you head out to the workshop. Contact us today for all the clamps you need, and we can guide you on how to choose the right ones for the job.

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