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Ottawa Fastener Supply Hyped about First 4-Stroke Power Cutter by Makita Tools

Yes, you read that right! The innovative folks at Makita have produced the first 4-stroke power cutter available on the market and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. This power cutter is going to save you so much time and money that it will pay for itself in no time and quickly become your favorite cutting tool.

Brick, Concrete and Stone in Ottawa Don’t Stand a Chance against this Power Tool

The Makita MM4 packs unprecedented power in a 76cc 4-stroke engine on this 14-inch power cutter. Typically, if you were to match a 2-stroke and 4-stroke by size, the 2-stroke would outperform but this is not the case with the MM4. Your Ottawa brick, concrete and stone jobs will go faster than ever before with this incredible tool.

Makita has gone the extra mile to develop an engine that doesn’t bog down under heavy use and will last a long time. The engine has a five-stage filtration system with advance direction airflow, greatly improving air intake over other models. With a shielded exhaust outlet and increased screen size on the spark arrestor, there is less chance of particulates restricting airflow, giving you max power under load.

Save Time and Money with a 4-Stroke Engine

With no need to mix oil and gas, you save considerable time on prepping your power cutter tool for work. This also reduces the chance for operator error in the mixture ratios. Considerable fuel savings will practically pay for your new Makita cutter tool since 4-strokes are notorious for fuel efficiency.

Longer Lifespan with Proprietary Processes

The engine pistons are a three-ring design, with a proprietary process treatment on the rods, followers and valves to minimize wear and maximize the lifespan of your power cutter. An innovative oil separation and lube system boosts valve train durability and reduces wear on the engine so you get the reliability you depend on from your engine.

Ottawa Winters are no Challenge for the Makita MM4

Flooding during cold starts is a thing of the past with a carburetor design that includes pressure compensation with a vented choke plate for optimal fuel delivery. While a bulb-style primer and choke switch are included for those tougher conditions, the automatic engine decompression valve reduces the force required on the pull start by as great as 40-percent!

As with all Makita tools, the 4-stroke power cutter is designed for ease-of-use and many built-in features are included to make maintenance easy. Cutting is a messy business and by locating the fuel tank filter and carburetor in areas that are easy to access, downtime for cleanouts is minimized.

Stop in to Ottawa Fastener Supply to see the first 4-stroke power cutter tool for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the power and function packed into this unit.

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