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When Should I Use a Lock Washer versus a Lock Nut?

lock washer & lock nut

Do you know when is the best instance for using a lock nut instead of a lock washer? The debate may rage based on who you speak to, but both give your bolts a tight fit. To make the right decision, consider the final environment and type of application. Here is the basic breakdown of when you will want to use a locknut over a lock washer:

  • When you need something that can handle the pressure that comes with torquing down a bolt or screw, choose a lock washer.
  • Another time to use a lock washer is when you are working on a project where the bolt will be in an area with a lot of heat or vibration, such as your car. For example, your muffler handles an enormous amount of heat and vibrations during your daily drive.
  • For those home projects that neither need nor can handle the torque required to tighten it, use a locknut. An example of an ideal use for locknuts is light fixtures.

Get the tightest fit for your project when you use a locknut or lock washer appropriately. These tiny tools make your bolts tight, so you can rest assured that what you need fastened, will stay fastened! Why not keep a selection available for quick fix-ups? The crew at Ottawa Fastener Supply can get you set up with the best selection for the general uses around your home and work place. Give us a call today!

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