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fine thread nuts and bolts

When Should I Use Fine Thread Nuts or Bolts in My Projects?

The world of fasteners is expansive. Knowing when to use a fine thread bolt versus a coarse thread bolt helps ensure you have the right fastener for the job. You may think one screw will do the same as any other, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Remember that having the best tool in your hands makes things move along smoothly. Here are the basics in choosing when to pick a fine thread bolt or screw:

  • You have a piece of metal that you want to affix to another. In this case, you should pick a fine threaded bolt.
  • You have two metal pieces that you want to affix together with a washer and nut. This case also calls for a fine threaded bolt.
  • When you have pre-threaded metal parts, grab your fine threaded fasteners for the tightening.
  • If you need to make fine adjustments or have a piece that will be exposed to vibrations, choose the fine threads.
  • Coarse threaded fasteners are handy for most other applications as they resist stripping and nicking. They are also much faster and easier to use.

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