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Stainless steel fasteners rust

Will Stainless Steel Fasteners Ever Rust?

Don’t be fooled. Just because your favourite fastener happens to be made of stainless steel does not mean it is impervious to rust. It is true. You may even find rust in as little as four or five days depending on the grade of steel used.

That means it is possible to walk out on your dock at the yacht club and find bolts discoloured in iron oxide. You might even see red streaks running down your shingles from rusted roofing nails.

If stainless steel fasteners can rust, then what makes them ‘stainless’? Here’s how:

  • Your nuts and bolts are highly corrosion resistant.
  • They have an invisible oxide coating from the presence of chromium in the alloy that protects the steel.

How do you ensure you do not have to deal with rust?

  • Choose the best grade possible for the environment the fastener will be exposed to.
  • Use paint on your fasteners to minimize the surface area exposed.
  • Spray them with a zinc-based lacquer before securing them.
  • Keep stainless steel fasteners clean and dry when possible.

Before you start your Honey-Do list or next contractor project, consider the type of fasteners you will need, and how they will be used. If you are building a dock, then consider a grade of 316. Considering re-roofing a home? You will want a grade 410.

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