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Need to Repair Your Power Tool Batteries

Need to Repair Your Power Tool Batteries?

Need to Repair Your Power Tool Batteries

Avoid a D-I-Y Approach, Count on a Professional Expert

Unsure how to repair your power tool batteries? Wondering whether to tackle it yourself or rely on a technical expert? At Ottawa Fastener Supply, we understand how important it is for you to preserve your cordless power tools and maximize the lifespan of the tool batteries.However, taking on a battery repair project without the appropriate technical expertise and safety precautions could be tedious, complex, and hazardous to life and property. The qualified and experienced technicians at our tool repair center in Ottawa offer some insights into power tool battery repairs.

When do Power Tool Batteries Need Repairs?

  • “Rechargeable” does not mean unlimited battery life. Every rechargeable battery has a fixed cycle life, i.e. an approximate number of times that you can recharge it, before it becomes incapable of retaining energy. At this point, you can either replace themor fix them by zapping them with a high volt of electricity, similar to the concept of jump-starting a car battery. However, this process is extremely risky. If you do not have the know-how of working with electricity, or the patience or skills for using soldering equipment, you could potentially start a fire or cause an explosion.
  • Other problems before end of cycle life: At times, rechargeable batteries may have other troubles even before the end of their cycle life. For example, not charging at the normal speed, not retaining sufficient charge, draining after a short use, or not charging at all. These problems may be related to a fault in the battery chemistry or construction, or even in the battery charging unit.

No matter what issues you encounter, do not treat battery repairs as a Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) weekend experiment. Instead, bring your rechargeable tool batteriesto a reliable battery expert, who can evaluate and fix the issue safely and efficiently.

At Ottawa Fastener Supply, our tool repair center provides dependable, affordable and accurate repairs for a wide range of gas-powered and cordless tools. Since our repair technicians work in-house, your valued items do not have to leave our workshop. We are also an authorized repair center for several reputed tool brands and provide a 30-day guarantee on all repairs. While we do not provide battery rebuilding services at our repair center, we can test and inspect your batteries and replace those under warranty.

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For more information on power tool battery repairs, call our service department at 613-828-5311, ext. 3, or visit our West End or East End store in Ottawa.