Rust-Oleum at Ottawa Fastener Supply

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Look To Coatings Experts to Provide Protection Don’t just look at painting or coatings as just a way to add colour to your project, think of it as a protective barrier that can extend the life of whatever you’re covering. So when you have a project, look to Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands to provide a solution.

Everything you Need to Know About ReinoldMax Fire Extinguishers

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ReinoldMax fire extinguishers are the latest addition to Ottawa Fastener Supply’s extensive safety supplies lineup.  These aerosol fire extinguishers provide many benefits over and are easier to use than traditional styles, without requiring maintenance or inspections. With the ability to extinguish all major fire types, they are an excellent option for home, workshops and businesses.

Shop Locally-Owned Hardware Stores In Ottawa For The Best Products And Best Experience

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We constantly hear about how so-called “big box” stores are killing off small, locally owned outlets.  Here at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we’re doing better than ever!  We are one of the hardware stores Ottawa has come to rely on, and that’s because we do things better than those corporate-owned retail monsters. Ottawa Fastener Supply has been a fixture

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