2016 | Ottawa Fastener Supply - Part 3
In accordance with Ontario Health & Safety Protocols, OFS is no longer requiring customers to wear Masks in our store. Curbside pick up still available.

Porter Cable Tools – The Gold Standard in Biscuit Joiners

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It’s probably not overstatement to say that the creation of the biscuit was one of the biggest revolutions in woodworking since the nail. A good biscuit-joining system is an absolute must-have for any woodworking enthusiast or professional. Well, the 557 from Porter-Cable Tools isn’t just a good biscuit joiner; it’s a great biscuit joiner. 

TRUEVIEW from Milwaukee Tools: All Day Portable Lighting

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When you think of innovation in tools, you probably think of Milwaukee Tools.  Milwaukee is widely-known for being at the forefront of new technologies; often being the first-to-market with innovative concepts that end up being copied by the other tool companies. Milwaukee’s commitment to advancing technology in construction equipment is evident with the TRUEVIEW line of portable lighting

Ottawa Fastener Supply Is Your Best Choice for Husqvarna Lawn Tractors

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In the event you’re in the market for a Husqvarna lawn tractor, there’s no better place to turn than Ottawa’s favorite independent tool and parts dealer, Ottawa Fastener Supply. Husqvarna is known as one of the top brands in lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers due to their commitment to heavy-duty build quality, and top-grade machine innovations.  Husqvarna is

DEWALT Tools: Tough Enough for Any Job

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DEWALT tools are legendary throughout the construction industry, and it’s easy to see why! DEWALT is one of the oldest power tool manufacturers in business, having been established over ninety years ago, and still going strong.  In that time, they’ve become one of the true icons in construction tools, with their trademark sleek black-and-yellow look that is

Ottawa Fastener Supply Announces Six New Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Models

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Ottawa Fastener Supply, Canada’s leading fastener supplier, has announced six new models of Husqvarna Lawn Tractor.  Nepean, Ontario – March, 2016 – Ottawa Fastener Supply, a local tool and equipment store, is pleased to announce six new models of the popular zero-turn residential mower, Husqvarna Z200 series; Z242F, Z248F, Z246i, Z254, and Z254i. Husqvarna is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment.

Shop Locally-Owned Hardware Stores In Ottawa For The Best Products And Best Experience

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We constantly hear about how so-called “big box” stores are killing off small, locally owned outlets.  Here at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we’re doing better than ever!  We are one of the hardware stores Ottawa has come to rely on, and that’s because we do things better than those corporate-owned retail monsters. Ottawa Fastener Supply has been a fixture

With A Husqvarna Lawn Tractor, Little Additions Can Make a Big Difference!

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Husqvarna is a well-respected name in outdoor equipment, and at Ottawa Fastener Supply, we’re proud to carry a full range of Husqvarna Lawn Tractor options. Their combinations of comfort, power, and affordability make them one of Canada’s favorite options in home and business lawn care. You also get plenty of options in customizing your Husqvarna

Due to worldwide shortage of N95 masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Ottawa Fastener cannot promise delivery ETA’s for these products and will NOT be holding products for customers. If products do become available, it will be on a first come, first served basis. Please call 613 828 5311 or email sales@ottawafastenersupply.com if you are looking for these products.

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