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Have you seen our World Famous Wall of Fasteners yet? With one of Ontario’s largest selection Ottawa Fastener Supply has every option you can imagine to help you keep things together.

3 Key Reasons for Contractors and Homeowners to buy their DeWalt Cordless Tools at OFS

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Tool purchases are an investment for your work as a contractor, or a homeowner who is a hobbyist or has a project list. For your investment, you expect your tools to perform, be versatile, durable and if you require service, you want it close at…

Your Ottawa Hardware Store Guide to Lawn Care Equipment

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Over the course of an Ottawa summer, you will spend many hours working on your lawn and landscaping to keep your property looking its best. Using the right equipment for the jobs you want to tackle will help make your work easier and reduce the…

Six Power Tools you Cannot Live Without if you Plan to DIY

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While there are many renovations that are beyond the scope of an average person’s DIY capabilities, you can do many projects if you have some basic skills and the right power tools. Just a few examples include some types of flooring, baseboards and trim, shelving…

Get your Home Summer Ready with Tips from The Tool Store in Ottawa

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Winter in the Ottawa area can be tough on your home and property. Now that it’s officially spring, it’s the perfect time to get outside and see what has to be done to prepare for the hotter weather. Follow these tips from your team at…

BE Pressure Industrial Equipment now Available at your Hardware Store in Ottawa!

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Ottawa Fastener Supply has added a full line of pressure washers, water transfer pumps and generators from BE Pressure. A third generation family-run business, BE stands on delivering high quality and excellent value, making it a perfect fit for your favourite hardware store in Ottawa.…

Three Steps to Ripping Logs Using an Alaskan® Mill by Granberg International

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Alaskan Mills by Granberg International provide builders, outdoors people and crafts persons the ability to turn logs into specialty wood products using a simple setup and a chainsaw. Whether you are on site milling beams for cabin in a remote area or harvesting wood for…

Our Safety Supplies in Ottawa include ReinoldMax Fire Extinguishers

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Ottawa, On, Canada Jan 2017. Ottawa Fastener Supply is pleased to announce the addition of several products to our vast selection of tools, fasteners, equipment and safety supplies. Our safety supplies lineup benefits from the addition of ReinoldMax fire extinguishers, a revolutionary product that will…

Everything you Need to Know About ReinoldMax Fire Extinguishers

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ReinoldMax fire extinguishers are the latest addition to Ottawa Fastener Supply’s extensive safety supplies lineup.  These aerosol fire extinguishers provide many benefits over and are easier to use than traditional styles, without requiring maintenance or inspections. With the ability to extinguish all major fire types,…

The Importance of Safety Supply in Ottawa

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Whether you are an Ottawa homeowner or you work in an industrial or trade position, your health and well-being depend on the right safety supply and equipment. Would it surprise you to learn that despite strict regulations in workplaces, more than 80-percent of people on…


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