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Bolts and screws for fastening


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Have you seen our World Famous Wall of Fasteners yet? With one of Ontario’s largest selection Ottawa Fastener Supply has every option you can imagine to help you keep things together.

Must-Have Safety Equipment in Ottawa for Your Worksite

Tool Talk
Must Have Safety Equipment in Ottawa for Your Worksite
At Ottawa Fastener Supply, we know how important worksite safety is to prevent accidents and to prepare in case of an emergency. For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality safety equipment and gear at affordable prices. As a leading Ottawa safety supply store,…

How do I keep my project from getting damaged by the clamps?

Tool Talk
OFS December Thumbnail How do I keep my project from getting damaged by the clamps
There are a few tricks and disciplines you can implement to prevent your project from getting damaged during the build. Marring wood or metal after placing much time, energy, and heart into a project can be quite defeating. You also know that Bessey clamps are like another set of hands,…

How do I take care of my clamps?

Tool Talk
OFS November Thumbnail How do I take care of my clamps
Gunk build-up on your favourite clamps can make life in the shop frustrating. By properly cleaning and maintaining your trusted extra set of hands, you ensure many years of usefulness and productive project builds. Keeping your Bessey clamps clean is the simplest thing you can do to ensure…

How long before I need to replace my clamps?

Tool Talk
OFS October Thumbnail How long before I need to replace my clamps
With regular maintenance and care, you can expect to get many years of use from your clamps. You should never be without these handy tools. Yet, there will come a time when you will need to retire your old ones and buy new ones. How…

How Many Different Types of Clamps Do I Need to Keep in My Toolbox at Home?

Tool Talk
OFS September Cluster Thumbnail How many different types of clamps do I need to keep in my toolbox at home
The number of versions of clamps is extensive. Knowing which ones will cover most of your project requirements without breaking the bank is vital. You know that these small tools aid you in a huge way. They are your extra set of hands to hold…

How Many Different Types of Clamps Are There and What Are They Used for?

Tool Talk
OFS August Cluster Thumbnail Different types of clamps
Ask anyone that uses clamps, and they will tell you that you can never have enough in your shop or toolbox. Why is that? Because these devices are like having an extra set of hands that secure parts of a project you are working on.…

10 Things You Should Know About Clamps for Better Project Productivity

Tool Talk
Ottawa Fastener Supply Q3 Pillar Thumbnail image What you should know about clamps
You can never have too many clamps. There are many different types used for specific purposes, and then there are those that are so versatile, no shop would be without them. Do you know what clamp to use when? Ottawa Fastener Supply has tons of…

When Should I Use a Lock Washer versus a Lock Nut?

Tool Talk
OFS May  Updated
Do you know when is the best instance for using a lock nut instead of a lock washer? The debate may rage based on who you speak to, but both give your bolts a tight fit. To make the right decision, consider the final environment…

When Should I Use Fine Thread Nuts or Bolts in My Projects?

Tool Talk
OFS Cluster May 2021
The world of fasteners is expansive. Knowing when to use a fine thread bolt versus a coarse thread bolt helps ensure you have the right fastener for the job. You may think one screw will do the same as any other, but that isn’t necessarily…


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